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Vi family challenge 

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Virtual Challenge Party 

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🎉there’s a virtual Challenge Party 🎉 

🌟Thursday Oct 6- 6pm pacific time

8pm central-9 pm eastern 🌟

🔥 Getting Started Training 7pm pacific time, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern. 🔥

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☎️ Dial in 408-638-0968 📱 

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Tiger soup

1) in large stock pot- some olive oil, chopped onions, bell peppers, and garlic ginger paste, add seasonings & sea salt, black pepper, red chilli powder and turmeric. Cook until veggies are soft.  

Add shredded chicken (either already cooked or diced raw) 

Add 4-6 cups water. 

Let it blend in Flavors 

Add lemon juice, lime juice, Soy sauce and 2 eggs. Stir it around. 

Add chopped cilantro and serve.

Aspartame diet soda and pop—-try Vi instead 

🍶 If you’re experiencing any issues- view the vi food to help you improve your health! 🍭🍩Pick from the menu on my site; I know when I use to drink a lot of soda I was experiencing headaches & migraines all the time but when I changed my lifestyle to nutrition & healthier way – it improved & continues to improve daily. 🌟🔥

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ViBites & Veg Pad Thai


  1. Cook Pad Thai noodles, drain, set aside 
  2. In a pan, add olive oil, diced onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cooked quinoa, lentils, beans. Add spices & seasonings.  
  3. Cook on medium heat. Add broccoli, ViBites Glorious Greens & Fiesta Nut. Add noodles & soy sauce. 
  4. Cook til it blends & enjoy 

Drinks vs healthy 

🔥Too many people consume this daily without a 2nd thought! Non healthy energy drinks, soft drinks (pop) and sports drinks contains more than 40 grams of sugar (8-12 tsps) per can or bottle. 🔥

🌟How about a healthier suggestion? Try our Neon healthy energy drink with ViSalus with green tea and no taurine or guarana in it. Doesn’t cause jitters or fast heartbeat. 🌟

🙋🏻Contains over 26 vitamins, minerals & antioxidants in it. 🙋🏻

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